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The department is a center of teaching of physics at natural sciences faculties of universities and institues in Russia. The lectureres of the department conduct a fundamental education on general physics on five faculties of Moscow State University:
Faculty of Biology,
Faculty of Geology,
Faculty of Geography,
Faculty of Soil Science,
Faculty of Economy.
Learning the general physics at the Department is an important part of fundamental education of students of these faculties.

Annual total number of students studied at the Department: about 1500.

Number of courses:8.
All courses are in accordance with a State recommended Program of Physics compiled by Professors B. A. Strukov, V. P. Kandidov, P. K. Kashkarov.
1. Faculty of Biology: 2-3 terms, 72 hours. Prof. S. S. Krotov, Docent V. I. Nedelko.
2. Faculty of Biology: 2-3 terms, 72 hours (Physics for Biophysical Speciality). Prof. A. S. Andreenko, Docent. L. A. Skipetrova.
3. Faculty of Geology: 1-2 terms, 90 hours. Prof. P. N. Stetsenko.
4. Faculty of Geology: 1-3 terms, 126 hours (Physics for Earth Physics Speciality) Docent D. V. Belov., Prof. I.B. Krynetsky
5. Faculty of Geography: 2-3 terms, 72 hours. Prof. V. V. Surikov, Docent A. K. Kuprianov.
6. Faculty of Geography: 4 terms, 32 hours (Physics for Meteorology Speciality). Prof. S. A. Nikitin, Docent I. Ju. Gaidukova.
7. Faculty of Soil Science: 2-4 terms, 84 hours. Prof. B. A. Strukov.
8. Faculty of Economy: 2 terms, 30 hours. Prof. Surikov.

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