Laboratory of Prof. S.A.Nikitin
The experimental study of magnetic ordering, magnetoelastic, magnetocaloric and galvanomagnetic effects, exchange and magnetocrystalline interactions in rare earth metals, alloys and compounds.


prof. S.A.Nikitin,
assistant professors: A.K.Kuprianov, T.I.Ivanova,
assistant A.E. Bogdanov,
junior research I.A.Tskhadadze;

The cooperation with the following organizations:

the Divisions of chemistry and physics of high pressures of the chemical faculty MSU;
The A.A.Baikov's Institute of Metallurgy;
Tver' State University
The International Laboratory of high magnetic fields (Wroclav, Poland);

Main results:

Spin-reorientation phase transitions in RFe11Ti single crystals have been studied. The effect of rare earth sublattice on magnetic anisotropy in these compounds has been determined. The magnetic order in R(Fe,Co)(Si,Ge) compounds has been investigated. The new ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic RTi(Ge,Si) and RSc(Ge,Si) with high magnetic ordering temperatures have been found. The dependence of paramagnetic Curie temperature on 3d- electron concentration in R(Mn,Ti)Si compounds have been determined, which indicated the itinerant character of magnetism in these compounds. The effects of the hydrogen and nitrogen on the magnetocrystalline anisotropy (MCA) and magnetostriction of R2Fe17 and RFe11Ti compounds have been studied. It was determined that the change of the first MCA constant of rare earth sublattice was in agreement with the sign of the Stevens factors of R ions for all investigated compounds. As it was shown by our results, the values and signs of these effects depend essentially on interaction of an aspherical distribution of the 4f- electrons and conductive electrons charge density with crystalline fields.

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