Laboratory of Prof. P.N.Stetcenko.
Hyperfine interactions and local magnetic states in magnetoordered alloys and compounds.


P.N Stetsenko, professor, Dr. of Sci.
V.V.Surikov, professor, Dr. of Sci.
S.D. Antipov, docent, Ph.D.
Ju.I. Avksentjev, docent, Ph.D.
G.V.Smirnitskaja, Senior Scientific, Dr. of Sci.
G.E.Gorjunov , Senior Scientific, Ph. D.
V.V. Bibikova, assistant.

The laboratory has the scientific contacts with:

Institute of Physical Problems RAN
Institute of General Physics RAN
Kazan State University
Texas University (Austin, USA )

The main results of 1995-1999 study:

Intensive investigations of new classes of magnetic materials - magnetic superlattices and half-metallic ferromagnets were performed. These materials provide the exceptional possibilities for investigations of most actual fundamental problems of modern physics of magnetic phenomena but they also display very important options for technical applications. Several results of principal character were obtained in the recent years. The magnetic superlattices with high values of magnetization, Curie temperatures and high degrees of hysteresis loops were obtained which permits their use in the systems of information recording. The distributions of local magnetic moments in magnetic supperlattices and half-metallic ferromagnetics was established and mechanisms of exchange interactions in these materials were determined.

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