Group of Professor R.Z. Levitin,
Magnetic phase diagrams and field induced magnetic phase transition in terrimagnets with magnetically unstable subsystems


R.Z.Levitin, Professor
I.Yu.Gaidukova, asistent professor
Guo Guangua post-graduate student


Bryansk State technical university,
University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands),
Kioto university (Japan)

Main results:

For the first time the magnetic instability of the pure intermetallic compounds RCo2 was studied at the ultrahigh magnetic fields up to 500T generated by the explosion method and the values of the critical fields for metamagnetic transitions were determined in the intermetallics DyCo2, HoCo2, ErCo2 and TmCo2.
The magnetization curves with various phase transitions caused by magnetic instability for the mixed intermetallics (RY)(CoAl)2 were measured at high fields up to 100T and discussed.
Theoretical analysis of the phenomenon of magnetic instability in the ferrimagnets one subsystem of which is characterized by the antiferromagnetic exchange interaction was carried out (within the Yafet-Kittel model, when anisotropy is taken into account). The investigated some spontaneous and field induced magnetic transitions in the intermetallics RMn2Ge2 were discussed in view of this analysys.

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