Group of L.I.Koroleva
The investigation of peculiarities of magnetic ordering and concomitant electrical, galvanomagnetic, optical, magnetoelastic effects, due by strong s-d exchange, in magnetic semiconductors and spin glasses.


L.I.Koroleva, professor,
A.V. Michurin, physicist.


Institute of General and Nonorganic Chemisrtry RAS,
Institute of Physics of High Pressure RAS.

Main results:

The experimental proofs of present of special magnetic impurity states (ferrons, antiferrons) in magnitosemiconductive chalcospinels and manganites were received. New compositions of chalcoshpinels with Curie points over the room temperature were found and were investigated. New class of semiconductive spin glasses was found. This is a solid solutions systems: xCuCr2S4-(1-x)Ga2/3Cr2S4, xCuCr2S4-(1-x)Cu1/2Me1/2Cr2S4 (Me=In, Ga) and xCuCr2S4-(1-x)Cu2/3Ge1/3Cr2S4. It differs from the known spin glasses by the fact that the Cr3+ magnetic ions are arranged regularly in the lattice, but the exchange interactions between them are alternating ones, associated with the effect on the exchange both of diamagnetic ions with various valences and of vacancies of the tetrahedral sublattice

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