Levitin Rudolf Zinov'evich

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics (1973), Professor (1993), Leader Rresearcher.
Head of the laboratory of Magnetism of Rare Earth and Transient Elements.

Reseach interests:
magnetic properties of solid state, rare earth magnets, itinerant magnetism, magnetic phase transitions.

Direction of reseach:
Complex study of the peqularites of magnetic order, spontaneous and field induced magnetic phase transitions, magnetostriction and magnetic anisotropy in meny sublattice magnets.
Number of publications: more than 250.

Main results of science activity:

a) detection and investigation of the magnetostriction and magnetic anomalies of elastic modules of antiferromagnets

b) detection and study of the magnetic anisotropy and magnetostriction of uranium compounds

c) detection and investigation of the noncollinear magnetic structures in ferrimagnets, induced by magnetic fields

d) stady the magnetooptics effects (Faradey effect, magnetic linear birefringence) in garnets

e) detection and study the magnetic instability of itinerant subsystem in rare earth intermetallic

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