Strukov Boris Anatolievich

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics (1975), Professor (1982).
Head of the Department (1988).
Head of the laboratory of ferroelectricity.

Reseach interests:
Physics of ferroelectrics, structural phase transitions, critical phenomena, physics of real crystals.

Direction of reseach:
Experimental study of the anomalous change of physical properties at ferroelectric phase transitions.

Number of publications: more than 250.

Main results of science activity:

1965-1975 - calorimetric, dielectric, acoustic study of ferroelectric phase transitions and critical phenomena in the KH2PO4 and (CH2NH2COOH)3*H2SO4 -(TGS) - type crystals, revealing of the regularities of the anomalous behaviour of uniaxial ferroelectrics at the structural phase transition region. Detection of the effect of specific heat change under influence of electrical field near ferroelectric phase transitions. Experimental revealing of the electric critical point in BaTiO3 crystals by means of calorimetric data. Determination of the part of the long-range Coulomb field for the formation of the elastic moduli and absorption coefficient anomalies in the uniaxial ferroelectrics.

1976-1985 - Experimental study of the effect of defects upon ferroelectric phase transitions. Revealing of the "pseudocritical" phenomena - anomalous change of crystal properties initiated by gamma-irradiation and impurities. The first study of the phase transitions in ferroelectric crystals placed in nonequiliblium conditions, discovery of the thermopolarisation effect in TGS crystals - inducing of the electrical polarisation by the gradient of temperature.The first study of ferroelectric properties of the new physical objects - ferroelectric liquid crystals.

1986-1993 - Discovery of the second structural phase transition and the phenomena of the global hysteresis of physical properties in ammoniun fluoberillate (NH4)2BeF4 crystals. Experimental confirmation of the part of Coulomb forces for the critical phenomena in the"weak" ferroelectrics and fulfilment of the Pippard-Janovec relations for these materials. With the crystal triglycine selenate and its deuterated analog it is shown for the first time the possibility to change the order of the phase transition by the implanting in the crystal of point defects induced by gamma-irradiation. Revealing of the anomalies of the heat conductivity coefficient in the ferroelectrics of order-disorder and displacement types.

1994-1999 - Revealing of the characteristic properties of the new high-temperature ferroelectric family LaBGeO5 - type with stillwellite structure. Discovery of the new type of the change of the phase state of ferroelectric crystals - critical and overcritical behaviour near isostructural phase transition points. Design of the method of study of the specific heat and heat conductivity for thin films and surface layers of ferroelectric crystals.

Several Publications:

B.A.Strukov, A.P.Levanyuk, "Ferroelectric Phenomena in Crystals", Springer, Geidelberg, 1998.

B.A.Strukov, "Critical Phenomena in Ferroelectric Crystals and Liquid Crystals", Izvestia AN SSSR, ser.fiz., 47, N3, 548-558 (1982).

B.A.Strukov, "Global Hysteresis in Ferroelectrics with Incommensurate Phase", Phase Transitions, 15, 143-179 (1987).

B.A.Strukov, A.A.Belov, "Heat Transport Properties and Related Materials", Phase Transitions, 51, 175-197 (1994).

B.A.Strukov, Y.Uesu, "Effect of Nd3+ Doping upon Ferroelectric Properties of LaBGeO5 crystals", Ferroelectrics, 218, 249-255 (1998).

Prize-winner of Lomonosov Award (1987)

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