Alexander M. Tishin

Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Head of the Laboratory of Magnetic Phenomena in Nano-structural and Functional Materials.

Reseach interests:
Magnetism of rare earth materials and nanosystems

Number of papers and patents:
More than 200 articles, more than 30 patents

Recent List of Publications:

1. A.M. Tishin, Y.I. Spichkin. The Magnetocaloric Effect and Its Applications. IoP Publishing, Ltd., Bristol and Philadelphia, 2003, 475 p.
2. M. D. Kuz’min and A.M. Tishin Theory of Crystal-Field Effects in 3d-4f Intermetallic Compounds . In Handbook of Magnetic Materials, edited by K. H. J. Buschow, North-Holland, Amsterdam, 2007, v. 17, ch.3, p. 149-233)
3. A.M. Tishin Magnetocaloric effect in the vicinity of phase transitions. In Handbook of Magnetic Materials, Ed. by K.H.J. Buschow (Amsterdam), 1999, v.12, ch. 4, p. 395-524
4. A.M. Tishin, Yu. Spichkin, J. Bohr Static and Dynamic Stresses. In Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths, edited by K.A. Gschneidner, Jr. and L. Eyring (North-Holland, Amsterdam), 1999, v.26, ch. 170, pp. 87-176.
5. S.A. Nikitin, G. Myalikgulyev, A.M. Tishin , M.P. Annaorazov, K.A. Asatryan, A.L. Tyurin Magnetocaloric effect in Fe-Rh compound. Phys. Letters A, 1990, v.148, N 6,7, pp.363-366.
6. S.Yu. Dan'kov, A.M. Tishin, V.K. Pecharsky, K.A. Gschneidner, Jr. Magnetic phase transitions and the magnetothermal properties of gadolinium . Phys. Rev. B, 1998, v. 57, N. 6, pp.3478-3490
7. A.S. Chernyshov, A.O. Tsokol, A.M. Tishin, K.A. Gschneidner, Jr., V.K. Pecharsky, Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties and the magnetic phase diagram of single-crystal dysprosium, Physical Review B, 2005, v.71, pp 184410-1-184410-17.
8. V.K. Pecharsky, K.A. Gschneidner, Jr., A.O. Pecharsky and A.M. Tishin, Thermodynamics of the Magnetocaloric Effect.// Physical Review B, 2001, v. 64, n. 144406-1 to 144406-13.
9. Zverev V.I., Tishin A.M., Kuz'min M.D. The maximum possible magnetocaloric ΔT-effect Journ. of Appl. Phys. 107, 043907 (2010)

Awards, Fellowships, Memberships of Professional Societies:

Member of the magnetism section of the Joint Council of RAS on Condensed Matter Physics, Vice president of the Magnetic Society of the Russian Federation (MAGO). Organizing Committee Member of Suzdal International Conference on Permanent Magnets. ROSNANO Expert. Moscow State Universoty First Prize for Young Scientists (1992). Chief Editor of the MAGO Newsletter (2000-2012). Materials Section Leader of Magnetic Cooling Working Party (Switzeland) (2005-2011). Guest Editor of Inter.J.of Refrigeration (2013). Reviewer of Nature, JAP, JMMM and others. Founder of the AMT&C Group (,

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