Laboratory of Ferroelectricity
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Main publications on current subjects of reseach:

B.A. Strukov, S.T. Davitadze, et al., J. Phys.:Cond.Matt., 15, 4331 (2003)

S.T. Davitadze, S.N.Kravchun, et al., Appl. Phys. Lett., 80, 1631 (2002)

S.V. Grabovsky, I.V. Shnaidshtein, B.A. Strukov., Physics of the Solid State, 45, 409 (2003)

S.V. Grabovsky, I.V. Shnaidshtein, B.A. Strukov., Crystallography Reports, 48, 167 (2003)

B.A.Strukov, I.V.Shaidshtein, T.V.Pavlovskaya, S.V.Grabovskiy, Y.Uesu, M.Fukunaga, L.Carman. Ferroelectrics, 267, 329 (2002).

E.V.Milov, B.A.Strukov, V.N.Milov , Ferroelectrics 269, 863 (2002).

E.V.Milov and B.A.Strukov, Phys.Sol.State 43, 495 (2001).

Most important publications for years of working:

B.A.Strukov, A.P.Levanyuk, "Ferroelectric Phenomena in Crystals", Springer, Geidelberg, 1998.

Strukov B.A., Amin M., Kopchik V.A. –°omparative Investigation of the Specific Heat of KDP and DKDP Crystals Phys. Stat. Sol., Vol. 27, p.741.(1968).

Strukov B.A., Vaks V.G., Baddur A., Zinenko V.I., Koptsik V.A.Experimental and Theoretical Study of Phase Transitions in KDP-crystals. Ferroelectrics, Vol. 7, p.195. (1974).

B.A.Strukov, "Global Hysteresis in Ferroelectrics with Incommensurate Phase", Phase Transitions, 15, 143-179. (1989).

B.A.Strukov, A.A.Belov, "Heat Transport Properties of Ferroelectrics and Related Materials", Phase Transitions, 51, N1-4, 175-197. (1994).

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